Winter sowing! 

I’ve decided that it’s time to start sowing seeds. January has almost passed and although there is still a bit of morning snow on the ground, my trusty books and seed packets advise me that you can show seeds under cover in these winter months. 

I decided to plant some cauliflower in small pots, cabbage in modules, broad beans in a large piece of guttering and peas in the small piece of guttering. The guttering (with drainage holes) allows easy transplanting with minimum root damage and will be kept in the greenhouse. The cauliflower and cabbage are resting nicely on a south facing window sill as I doubt they will germinate otherwise!

Where possible, I get my seeds from Chase Organics, The Organic Gardening Catalogue. You pay a few pennies more per packet, but it is worth it for me to support non GMO and non chemical growing practices. I had great success from last years’ seeds, so fingers crossed this year!! 


Friend’s Hollyhock Seeds are Coming Through!

My Hollyhocks are coming through! Using clear plastic to keep heat in really makes a difference to germination.


I’ve called them Betty seeds because they came from my friend Betty’s garden. I am so excited but might not get flowers until next year.


Found this little fella wondering around too…anybody know what it is?

Wonderful Sunday working on the Allotment and Back Garden


Sometimes you just HAVE to spend the day in the sun working on your plot and wrapping it up with a lovely glass of fizz!


Yesterday was wonderfully sunny and I managed to get so many jobs done! The potatoes are in (see Seaweed and Potatoes), onions and leeks weeded, new onion sets sown, flower beds weeded and even managed to strim my little lawn! 🙂


The day ended well with a yummy roast round my friend’s house!


Saving Seeds from a Friend’s Garden

Last summer I spent a lot of time in my friend’s garden and absolutely loved these flowers:


Here I am taking a shameless selfie of me and this beautiful flower. Has anybody got a clue as to the name of this beautiful plant?


I saved loads of the seeds last year and have now sowed a punnet of them! Fingers crossed they will germinate and I can have these beautiful flowers in my garden! 🙂

Seeds, seeds seeds!

Today was a beautiful sunny day in March and the first day I have spent in my new home’s garden! I have been very lucky as the house has little homemade extras, including a tall lean-to greenhouse; south facing and big enough to germinate most of my seeds.


Today I intended to use up last years’ unused packeted seeds. Tomato (moneymaker), chilli (cayenne), and sweet pepper. Some of them might not take so I sowed them in bulk in the fruit punnets seen above. I read an interesting blog earlier actually about sterilzing soil for seedlings through heating compost on a bbq – was too much effort today for me but i might try it soon – see if there is any difference in success rates! When they become seedlings I will transplant stronger ones into pots and grow on as usual. My friends have started gardening so if I have too many will swap and share with them.


As you can see I have a bank of bought and saved seeds. Every time I sow, I label up the variety and date and note it down in my allotment planner so I can compare successes and failures year on year. The weather is so unpredictable these days that I’ve stopped sticking so rigidly to planting times! “Get ’em in” is my motto!

I’m still finding little extras with my new house; today I found some capsicum so planted a whole tray of them. Onions, peppers, garlic and chilli are all core foods in my diet and I love to have a selection of flavours!


The capsicum found in my outhouse!  Fingers crossed that they germinate! 🙂

The first seeds of spring! :)

The sun is shining and spring is here! Time to start planting some seeds. It is still a bit cold out there at night and in the mornings so I started my lettuce and rocket seedlings off under a polythene bag indoors on the kitchen windowsill!

image image

I like to re-use anything I can to be environmentally friendly. As you can see I’m using fruit punnets as pots and cut up yoghurt pots as seedling labels.