Protecting From the Elements

Yesterday down the plot was all about protection. Although the sun has been out,  the wind is still strong and showers heavy. To give juvenile plants a start to get strong, I made a few shelters!


Squash Protection
Two years ago I lost my first sowing of squash and pumpkin seedlings to torrential rain and wind. The second sowing of the year survived because of a triangular A-frame I made out of scrap wood. I decided to use the A-frame again this year to shelter the squash somewhat from the elements.


Tomato Protection
I have an abundance of cucumber, pepper, aubergine, chilli and tomato plants so decided to use the rest of the potato bed and plant tomatoes to make space in the greenhouse. I feel very proud of the makeshift protective greenhouse.

image image image image

Brassica Protection
My cabbages have been destroyed by slugs. I am devastated due to the amount of time and effort I have put into making sure they are protected from club root. A fellow allotmenteer gave me some sprouts a week ago (a purple variety!?) so I planted them out next to the eaten cabbages. I’ve now put netting over the whole patch to protect from wind and butterflies.


Red Hot Poker Suprise! :)


A couple of years ago I sowed some red hot poker seeds; I planted the seedlings and thought they had died. I do believe that my wild flower bed/alpine bed/perennial spinach bed can now boast a red hot poker! It has popped up from nowhere; just like the foxgloves 🙂


Harvesting the Overwintering Onions and Leeks

I absolutely love onions and leeks so decided to try my luck and plant some in November in my 2014 root bed (as it won’t need manuring) in hope that they will be ready in March. It is May now and they are big enough to harvest! (Phewf!).


I’ve decided to harvest them now before they go to seed and/or rot in the ground. We have had a spell of heavy rain which has swollen them but also could encourage rotting.

image image

They taste delicious!  🙂

Repotting and Roots!


I have been constantly repotting my baby seedlings to encourage as much growth before planting out on the plot. Roots are such fascinating parts to a plant;  a good root system is underrated which is why, this year, I am going to try not to let any of mine grow too pot bound. The cucumbers, squash and courgettes have come on in leaps and bounds since I have repotted them!