Leicester, Past and Present

Spotting Urban Nature

It is not everyday you see a chick in a traffic light nest. I took this photo today on a busy Leicester junction.


My friend spotted it last week and the chick was younger and had “fluffier” feathers.


A Day of Cardinal Wolsey

A couple of weeks ago my friend Louise and I went on a random bike ride around Leicester and discovered loads of history relating to Cardinal Wolsey!


He was Henry vii almoner (someone who distributes money from the Church apparently! ) and he died in Leicester Abbey whilst travelling south to face trial for treason. The picture above is taken in Abbey Park.

We cycled past the National Space Centre and found that the old hoisery factories have been torn down, with only the chimneys remaining:


And found, again, another reference to Wolsey! Can you see his name on the chimney?

We then cycled to Belgrave Flyover and found that it was being demolished….


And found ANOTHER reference to Wolsey!!!


Can you see it? Written on the building!

I had not even heard of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey before this day! We did feel like Leicester was trying to tell us something…..!