Month: May 2016

Guess the pests? Root veg damage alert!

Look at the damage! Can anyone help me guess the pest?


Trail of destruction


Looks like nibbles to me….


But then nibbling the ends of the baby beets too? This damage looks like slugs????


Nice of them to leave me some!


Protection so far….

Is the pest of the soft and fluffy variety? Or could it be our chicken? Slugs? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Pallet picket fence

We have loads of pallets lying around so decided to make a picket fence out of them to stop the chicken going on the veggies.

The difficulty in working with pallets is that they break easily so it is worth watching a few YouTube vids to find the right method for the right type of pallet. This vid (although long and annoying) was the one I found most helpful.


Firstly we measured the picket fence spikes and used a jig saw to cut them out. You will also need to jig saw all the back bits as per the above vid.


Next was brute force. You will also find that you can’t help singing Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”. I still have it in my head….


Dealing with the nails…..

image image

Knocking posts in and screwing the pallets in.

image image image

Finished product! I am awfully chuffed with our basically free fence!!! It just needs a bit of paint now!