Month: April 2014

Sunday Clearning; Before and After

Sunday turned out to have a large amount of sunny spells, which was great for working outdoors and clearning my partner’s front drive.


All of that green waste were weeds growing through the pathway.

image image image

Now all we have to do is figure out what to put in the front bed. I have no idea what the shrubs are. 🙂


5 Minute Healthy Pizza

Apparently this recipe comes from the Hairy Bikers. All this simple snack involves is:

Tortilla wrap
Thin spread of tomato paste
Any veg you want
5 minutes under the grill

image image

The tortilla goes nice and crispy under the grill. You can have it as a yummy snack or with salad and root veg chips as a meal. 🙂

Planting on a Budget…Harvesting seeds from your own garden

Will definitely be trying this recipe!!

Mrs. Robinson's Pantry

Gardening on a budget need not take that much extra effort, and the idea is to save money by eating your own vegetables – so it makes no sense to spend a fortune on seedlings and seeds from garden centres when you can harvest your own!

Letting a few plants go to seed isn’t a crime on your vege patch.  When they do, cut them and dry them out.


When you are ready to use them, separate the seeds from the dried stalks.

Alternatively, the seeds can keep so you can put them in little labelled envelopes like these: Image

If you are a stationery fan like I am, you can make labels and enveloped seed packets into little tokens or favours for friends too! It’s always nice to let people know you are thinking of them with a DIY gift, especially a keen gardener.

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Transparent Shoebox Planter

My partner wants to start growing veg, herbs and flowers but doesn’t have a greenhouse or many windowsills. We found these transparent shoeboxes for 89p in a home discount store and used the biodegradable pots as vessels for the seedlings. (Actually using the inside of loo rolls would be perfect for these boxes).


They are indoors now to warm the soil up but when the seedlings appear, the boxes can go outside until each plant is strong enough to be open to the elements! We are growing herbs, beans, peas and some mixes bedding flowers so they should be ok! Fingers crossed!

Easter Weekend Ramble in the Peaks

Normally I like to explore places using my trusty OS map, but following planned routes in my Peak District walking book really paid off. The morning walk started in a quaint village called Grindon; which was unusually busy because of the Easter service at the church. We flollowed the trail into some woodland on a steep valley which was wonderfully quiet and full of wild primulas and woodland shrubs.

image image

We got a glimpse of Thor’s cave as we emerged from the woodland and proceeded to stomp up towards the gaping hole!


Inside the cave was an exit on the other side where is was immensely windy and refreshing!


Very refreshing and windy!


Beautiful woodland

We then walked on a cycle route for a few miles and had a mini lunch en route until finally exiting the route onto farmland, through some more woodland and onto farmland where unusually the farmer has kept the old stone wall field barriers. Beautiful.

image image

This little beauty was penned up on his own, we assume he is being hand reared as he has no mummy.

It was truly wondeful to see all the Spring lambs!


Our second walk started in another quaint village called Elton, just outside Matlock where we walked to a climber’s bouldering haven called Robin Hood’s Stride.


How did these rocks get here!?

image image image

Thank you Allotment Helpers!

Quite a few of my friends love the idea of having an allotment but are put off by the obvious amount of hard work attached to working the land. Friends come down the allotment all the time; some of them work, some of them don’t and most of them never see Lottie in bad weather. All of them, however, help me by pulling my allotment trolley and ensuring that refreshments are always to hand! 🙂


Kerri pulled thousands of dandelion heads!


Allyson loves coming down lottie and helping with an array of tasks!


Lois and Nicola keep me company!

Strawberries and Rhubarb Bed


Some of the strawberry plants that I put in the greenhouse a few weeks ago have developed flowers already so I decided to plant them out in their designated area around my rhubarb crown. I managed to manure the bed in January so the soil is rich with worms 🙂


I dug all my strawberries up last year as most were eaten by a larvae. I saved a few strong offsprings so hopefully these will not be subject to the same fate this year! Has anybody else had strawberry larvae? I thought strawbs were hardy and resistant to pests and diseases!