Seaweed and Potatoes!

My family are from Anglesey so when I went back at Christmas, decided to rent a van and bring back as much seaweed as possible for the allotment!


I rinsed the diesel transporting what must have been half a tonne of seaweed back to Leicester and managed to mulch one of my beds. There are many benefits of using seaweed on your plot…mulch to prevent weeds from growing and a nice warm start to the ground, nitrogen, yummy carbohydrates to give veg nutrients, slightly salty to prevent slugs. Perfect! All the other allotmenteers thought I was nuts to have so much seaweed on one bed but the effort has paid off!


Although I had to break up some bits of dry seaweed; the rain, worms and elements had made sure the seaweed rotted down nicely into the bed. Suprisingly, the earth was full of worms and really workable!

I decided to put my earlies in this bed (rocket and some supermarket sprouting pots) so will let you know how they get on!



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