Saving Seeds from a Friend’s Garden

Last summer I spent a lot of time in my friend’s garden and absolutely loved these flowers:


Here I am taking a shameless selfie of me and this beautiful flower. Has anybody got a clue as to the name of this beautiful plant?


I saved loads of the seeds last year and have now sowed a punnet of them! Fingers crossed they will germinate and I can have these beautiful flowers in my garden! 🙂



      1. The seed swap was great. Seedy Sunday, they have it every year here in Brighton. Shame that potentially, EU law may prohibit it from next year. 😦

      2. I think it’s to do with regulating seeds, meaning many heritage varieties are lost. 😦 It’ll affect small seed companies, farmers and even individuals; banning saving and exchanging our own seeds! There’s more information and a petition on the Seedy Sunday website –
        Shamefully never heard of Monsanto until now; yikes! 😦

      3. Such sad news mrsdanni. It makes me angry how much control some companies (and individuals) have over people. I will check out that site. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  1. Definitely a hollyhock – what an appropriate flower after your own name! It tends to be a biennial, so don’t give up if your seedlings don’t flower this year. They will next year and thereafter.
    And love your photos! Thank you.

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